“The Ordinary Estonian”
Karin Nemec, Helen Ree
Novelitas, 2014

Heas seisukorras kasutatud raamat.
Pilt on illustratiivne.


163 lehekülge, suures formaadis, kõvas köites

The Ordinary Estonian is a beautiful high quality photo-book with real life short stories that authentically and humorously capture today’s contemporary Estonian, their everyday life, soul and mindset. Created by Estonians using modern social media and crowdsourcing, the book covers all important aspects that characterize one nation. The book consists of stories, proverbs, interesting facts and colorful photos that playfully create the view of the present day Estonian. The book is the perfect guide for foreigners to understand the mindset and behavior of Estonians, while Estonian readers will enjoy recognizing themselves in the stories told. Enjoy discovering the true nature of Estonians!

Märksõnad: eestlased; kombed; vaba aeg; eluviis; toitumistavad; rahvuslik iseloom; usk; fotoalbumid
Tõlkinud: Luisa Tõlkebüroo