“Taming the Infinite” : the story of mathematics from the first numbers to chaos theory
Ian Stewart
Quercus, 2015

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From ancient Babylon to the last great unsolved problems, an acclaimed mathematician and popular science writer brings us his witty, engaging, and definitive history of mathematics. In his famous straightforward style, Ian Stewart explains each major development – from the first number systems to chaos theory – and considers how each affected society and changed everyday life forever. Maintaining a personal touch, he introduces all of the outstanding mathematicians of history, from the key Babylonians, Greeks, and Egyptians, via Newton and Descartes, to Fermat, Babbage, and Godel, and demystifies math’s key concepts without recourse to complicated formulae. Written to provide a captivating historic narrative for the non-mathematician, this book is packed with fascinating nuggets and quirky asides, and contains plenty of illustrations and diagrams to illuminate and aid understanding of a subject many dread, but which has made the world what it is today.

Märksõnad: matemaatikud; teadusajalugu; aimekirjandus; matemaatika; matemaatiline loogika; kaos
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